Saturday, December 31, 2011


it's been very fast and busy year for me. time goes so fast and already 1 year passed. i hope everybody had good year :)
Recall 2011
♥ went to Berlin,i loved it.
♥ got my lovely Lomo :)
♥ start blogging

♥ Roskildeeeee!!!
♥ i became aunt, BIG LOVE :)
♥ went to Skane, very beautiful place
♥ made my own "HomeMade Jam"
♥ build friendship
♥ got part time job
♥ went to Dublin

Love Monica

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 24, 2011

            December 24,2011 in ├śrum,Jytland Denmark.
Love Monica

My Very First Lomo ♥♥♥

My very first lomo analog photos arrived from Dublin last week, while i was away from town. i opened the package this morning and can't be happier :) i just in love with them. it's just very lovely feeling to have :)  these photos are taken since April 2011 until October. i couldn't develop it in here Denmark because it's extreme expensive so i took with me to Dublin last November and here it is. Photos were pure experiment and to know how my Diana F+ works :)
                                                  "Love Lomo"
 Love Monica

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wrap it differeNt

this is such a lovely idea. it's little too late to wrap my  x'mas gifts like this, but come on... there is lots of reasons and days i need to wrap gifts so I'll definitely  make my own custom wrapping version :) photos via

Love Monica

Super Sexy!!!

ohh Super Sexy and Super Chic!!! by

 Love Monica