Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Off to RosKilde FestiVal

my 4th year at Roskilde festival working as volunteer. last year i missed it,so now I'm very excited and nervous  in good way and bad way. of course good way will be great music,meeting new people and festival itself etc. bad way what if i become such a chicken! can't - work,wake up early,keep up drinking and sometimes meeting new people can be scary and annoying. there is always someone in the group make people nuts. i hope I'm not gonna be that person :)LOL. well anyway looking forward FesTival  yahoouuu yahooooooo. see you in 2 weeks with my funny festival photos  :)
everybody,anyone,whoever have a great great SuMMEr!!! :)

 Love Monica

Monday, June 13, 2011

ExaM and TeMpLate deSign

This days I'm preparing myself for exam,somehow it's nice to read the lectures again. Many things actually you can re-cap again and at the same time it's tiring and i never feel ready for exam so i just want to get over it when the day come. Besides studying exam I'm trying to design my own blog template but i have no inspirations this days,just can't get into the mood. Maybe because i haven't been outside almost one week :( or just i don't have sense of design...hm. Btw i haven't eat at all today,so weird usually i'm big food lover but not today. Just got 2 slice bread,2 piece of crispbread and 1 peach,apple and small chocolate bar. Good for me after all,i gained 5 kg since x"mas and having big headache. i should do something with my weight hm...
Tomorrow is the last day to prepare my exam and tuesday it will be all over,so much looking forward but the same time not really looking forward....

 Love Monica

Saturday, June 11, 2011

HoW smArt is This!

Magazine Seat
Look how cool  is this!
What we read as a daily, monthly or quarterly magazines no longer needs to be stored on dusty shelves or even recycled. There is another way: collecting, stacking, and then sitting down! a clever storage system for newspapers and magazines, each stool frame is made from the finest birchwood in a youth workshop near
Coburg, Germany. Lovingly hand crafted, waxed and brushed, each pillow is also handmade and unique.
The Hockenheimer magazine seat is available from Selekkt for 128,50 Euros.
Love Monica

Friday, June 10, 2011

VeRy firTs seRious bloG

Hello everybody,I'm greeting with my very first serious Blog. i have started couple of blogs before but never found it very interesting for me but lately I'm start reading this very inspiring great blogs daily. so in order to follow them i had to make one blog for me. since i have such an inspiration, i thought maybe i could do little blogging :) well i'll see.
ShOrt Story abouT me
i'm Monica from Mongolia living in Copenhagen 4 years. big sister of 1,1 younger bro and sis. at this live time moment I'm student in 2 schools and married with very lovely man and still trying to integrate Danish culture.
i love doing shoe shopping,good food,good friends,photograph,LoMo photos,sleep long,movies,music,to enjoy art works,do hand crafts,do my nails,learn illustration,festival,collecting free cards and snuggle with my hubby etc...
and eventually I'm so excited and looking forward to know you guys all around the world through my daily live :)

Love Monica