Monday, January 23, 2012

IF you haVe IKEA furniture

Do you have IKEA furniture at your place? is it boring, empty, plain and same as everybody else have? i have a great solution for you :) few days before i found this great website and they make stickers only for IKEA products. check out and here is my favorites so far.
i hope everybody had a great weekend :)

Love Monica

Saturday, January 14, 2012

oohh yeaAAh Happy haPPy friDay and i smell like ChocolaTe ♥♥♥

oohh yeaAAh Happy haPPy friDay and i smell like ChocolaTe :) 
in life you don't need to have a lot of  money or being beautiful to be happy, you just need a day like i had today.
♥ i slept until 1.30 pm Friday afternoon  ( which i really needed it) and very good friend woke me up with good phone call checking how i am doing and good conversation about everything :)
♥ opened my late x'mas present (from my love satchel bag )

♥ talked with my mom and sister :)
♥ had very nice lovely bath and my skin was shining and soft  afterwards :)
♥ cooked dinner with my hubby :)
♥ went to see good friend to have some drinks and talked about good old days,love and music :) and  she had most lovely presents for me from her country :)
some Hungarian music brochures,flyers which made by great graphic designers
        and  the best sausage and snaps :)
 and finally got home safe to my hubby,into his warm chest. what can i ask more than this. life is beautiful if you feel it :) i wish you all very good weekend :) and excuse my bad English language.
Love Monica

Friday, January 13, 2012

HuMor + HuMör = :)

Little humor at work today :)  ohhh looking like a drag queen .............:)
Love Monica

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mustache LoVe

Mustache Nail ♥♥♥ ohhh so cute, please someone do it for me... color choice and photo color contrast is just so dreaamyy creammmyyy loveeelllyyy :) via luanaam
Love Monica

BirthDay WraP

Hello Everybody, Wednesday greeting :)  last week i made my very first DIY wrapping paper and it was just so fun, really enjoyed it. all i need was...
           ♥ old wrapping paper (it was flower wrapping paper)
          ♥ tapes tapes tapes lots of tapes :)
       ♥ result
Love Monica

Sunday, January 1, 2012

HaPPy NeW YeaR!!!

Happy, Happy New Year!!! to my family,to my friends, to my colleagues, to bloggers, to facebookers and to everybody :) "Welcome 2012"
 Love Monica