Sunday, May 13, 2012

FrOm tiNy Bite tO biG biTe

From tiny bite to big bite...
story started in 2007 X'mas.
i got my first ipod as a x'mas gift and it was such a pleasure.
then 2009 x'mas new ipod with beautiful purple color, another great experience.
again 2010 x'mas gift ipad from my lovely hubby and it became my addiction in a good way :) until i got my first iphone this year 2012 march and it's second hand but very good used.
since i got my iphone i kinda abandoned my ipad. so, so far these apple products keep me very happy and i have decided to bite the big bite :) the "IMAC". i would say it's not because of i'm obsessed with apple products, it's just simply very easy to use and pleasant . I've been PC user since i start using computer and it's big thing to switch from PC to Mac. I see it as experience,challenge and learning curve. It's been more than week I've started using mac and so far physical experience is great but rest seems like I'm doing triple job just to get what i want. Let's see how it will be along the way...
Love Monica

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