Monday, June 25, 2012

Busy loVely suMmer...

I've had very busy  May and June. I finished my school as a multimedia designer, needed to work a lot to save up some money as much as i can to spend it during my summer vacation and finally my family is visiting me this entire summer. So i needed to prepare so many things. Now finally they are here and busy lovely summer keep continue...
                                          "Busy LoVely SuMMEr... "
Thank you so much for my lovely sister who gave me this beautiful dress which only made for me :)
*at graduation party
Finally holding my little niece very first time :) it's just wonderful feeling...
and again finally i got new eyeglasses, i never buy it in here, it's just super expensive so i usually buy 2,3 per when i go to home and this time my family brought it for me :)
and i can see my hubby can be great daddy but as well i can see no one likes when weather like this in June. We are totally missing summer in here.... but anyway i wish you all good summer with your very loved one :)
Love Monica

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